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    ZIMMERMANN's Spanish crosses


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    Zimmermann of Pforzheim manufactured spanish crosses during the war. This firm made them after the institution of the LDO (1941). The crosses are maker's marked : L/52 in a square, L/52 in a square + silver stamp "900". I own a cross stamped L52, and I can't explain this mistake, except done by a drunk worker.

    the cross are in tombac then silvered, gilded or bronzed. the "900" stamped one are of course in massive silver.

    It shows typical details on the obverse and reverse.

    Eagles: well detailed with 3 cut out branches swas. the eagle head is characteristic and looks like a pigeon.

    Swords: the grips are wide and show 9 filaments(twists)

    Pin: typical to this maker. wide and flat in the middle, rounded at the end.

    Hinge & Hook: half round hook and small cylinder hinge soldered on a wide base

    Here is a gold cross, in mint condition (Especially for SAL )

    H: 55.3mm L: 55.4mm W:29.1g

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    How is the backwards slash possible? Are the "l" / and number stamped seperatly?

    Best, Sal

    Thanks for the pics of the gold one! but the color varies in the pics, more photos please!!! love.gif  jumping.gif

    I can't explain the ""

    the following pics are just for you cool.gif

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    Guest Rick Research

    Could it be the "L52" mark was used only to distinguish a "no swords" cross from one with swords?

    Are all their crosses with no swords marked that way, or is yours the ONLY example with a backwards mark?

    Does anybody else have one with the strange mark?

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    I saw this one in a german collection , that do not show the same details as the other one except the MM. the cross is good in my opinion, just another die used by this manufacturer. eagles, pin , hinge are differents.

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