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    India Ribbon bars - Part 2

    David S

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    These bars are bigger than the others I posted previously, why they are this big and what purpose the serve are a mystery to me.

    Wound Medal

    Special Service Medal

    Sainya Seva Medal

    High Altitude Service Medal (note coated paper)

    50th Independence Anniversary Medal

    Long Service - 9 years

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    David S.

    Just a guess, but it looks like the full size medals could be slipped under the folds of the ribbon on the front, stitched in place, and give you a nice court mounted group. Is there room under the fold to do that?


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    Yes there is room. That was my thought. The medals would have to be light because the backing material is thin and the pin should be stronger.

    Like a small version of what Admiral Prakash is wearing.

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    • 2 months later...

    These are not ribbon bars, they are the medal bars made up when medals are not there of, oftem, old medal bars where the medals have been stripped for remounting that are re-stitched and sold to western collectors by some military tailors at least in Delhi.

    If you want, I can post examples and choke you with them. wink.gif

    Ed Haynes

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