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    Due to your outstanding help a few weeks ago I would like to ask you again for help; does anyone have some details about the life or military career of "Kriegsgerichtsrat Dr. Martin Czarnikow"? I found only the information that he stay 1914 at the 5th division with the rank of an hauptmann, but nothing else.

    So it would be great if someone has a little bit more of this man and could help me to fill the "white places" for me!


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    Hi westfale,

    Kriegsgerichtsrat Martin Czarnikow was a reserve officer in Neum?rkisches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 54. He was commissioned into this regiment on the 14th of September 1893. His reserve officer promotions:

    Sekondelieutenant/Leutnant d.R.: 14.9.93 D3d

    Oberleutnant d.R.: 22.3.03 O5o

    Hauptmann d.R.: 16.11.10



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    Some further information regarding Dr. Czarnikow:

    Born 1869, he was appointed to the staff of the 5. Division on 1 October 1900

    18.10.00: Appointed Kriegsgerichtsrat (A1) (Rat V. Klasse)

    23.12.09: Awarded the Rank of Rat. IV. Klasse). Major equivalent

    By 1917 holder of the RAO4, EK2



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