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  1. Hi! I would like to check this MBE - is it correct that the hallmarks shown on its rearside are saying that it is an MBE made 1917, means one of the first ever made? I'm not shure because it is a little bit tricky to identify the letter... Hope someone can help me! Jürgen
  2. Hi! Does anyone know something about this cross?
  3. Hi! I've got this amazing Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, but no more information. Could anyone of you give me some more details, e.g. time of producing, manufacturer or anything else to have some more info about this award? A very very nice decoration and really massive, too! regards from germany westfale
  4. HI! Todays new member of my collection, never seen before: The cross for grand officers of the order of merit of the brazilian carthografical society in its original case, both made by Randal in rio de janeiro. The bar and the rosette is missing, but nevertheless a really nice award, not often given. Does anyone of you have some more information or other pieces to show? regards westfale P.S.: Due to a broken camera the pictures were made by my mobile with reduced quality, sorry... If there is interest in better pictures, I will make some after repair!
  5. Hi NIck! Thanks for your fast translation!! It was a really great help for me!! Sad that they are not from the same soldier, but nevertheless, I never have seen these in real before, so I decided to buy... Rear of the box I found this, I think the manufacturer... and rear of the certificate there is this sign - from the unit who gave the document to the soldier? regards from germany westfale
  6. Hi! After buying a black box with an certifikate of - as said - the order of the sacred treasure I would like to know some more about the box, the text on it and especially the text on the document. Could anyone of you give me some more details about it? Thanks for help westfale
  7. Hi! After purchasing this interesting cross of the Order of Malta there is one question left for me: why this cross did not have the "normal" rearside inscrption "A.D. MCMXXIII"? I have seen some other pieces like this looking at some sellers, but why this cross is different or who made it and at which time i don't know, Does anyone have more information about this and could give me some details? Thanks for your help! westfale
  8. Hi, one of my favorites, not often seen before and now at my home : Landwehr-Dienstauszeichnung Württemberg 2nd class miniature and the inofficial enameled version! hope you like it! regards and a nice weekend westfale
  9. Thanks for your help, pete! Do you have any info about how much crosses were given till end 1944?
  10. Hi! I've got this really nice certification for an MBE - but because I'm not fm in these documents I would like to know much more, especially the question about fake or real... Could anyone of you help me in this question? Thanks a lot and regards westfale
  11. Hi! Today I've got some nice "hotties" - a nice "Volkspflegemedaille" and the next level, the "Volkspflege-Ehrenzeichen 3. Stufe" - hope they are correct ones... Enjoy! westfale
  12. What a wonderful set, Stogieman! I like especially these 8-corners cases - really not common! westfale
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