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    Adjusted for inflation and relative income (as much as can be done), how much did ribbon bars cost in the time period around WWI? How much more expensive were different styles (i.e. the Southern German double wrap, versus the "normal" style, etc.). I know this is a bit of an odd question, but I'm hopeful that someone out there with a few period catalogs might have already done the math to satisfy their own curiosity.


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    Guest Rick Research

    No information pre-1930s.

    Then it depended of course on style and devices.

    Here is a page from the January 1939 Steinhauer & L?ck 50th anniversary sales catalog:

    at this period there were RM 4 to 1 U.S. dollar

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    Collecting Imperial ribbon bars since 15 years, I have seen the price grow up so quickly since 5 years. I'm esthonished of the high price we can see on ebay. I have the chance to find in local show some nice ribbon bars to little price (between 20 and 40 euros).

    I remember my first ribbon bar I have bought for only 20 DM (see the first photo) and now the price for one ribbon like this is now 300 or 400 euros. Too high for me (see the second ribbon bar bought on ebay -not me).

    That's life, everybody want one beautiful ribbon bar an especially one belonged to a Pour le M?rite winner. But like you know only 687 officers during the WW1 received this medal.



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