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    Hi guys,

    These just came in, and I must admit that I should have done A LOT more research before placing a bid, but researching while they were in-bound in the mail I am semi-convinced that they are actually good pieces. Would really appreciate some expert's opinions on these, and sure thank everyone I asked about them previously. Hope the pics are good enough! Thanks guys,

    Up first is a Bavarian MVO 4th class. Marked for Jakob Leser, "950 JL" on the cross itself. Also carries "900" silver content stamping on the ring, as well as what I believe is a swan (thanks Andreas @ medalnet.net!) on the obverse side of the ring. The import mark for "pieces made from silver, imported from countries without trading contract to France, since 1893" has me pretty confused though as it's Bavarian. No silver markings on the swords that I can see.Appears to be a spot of enamel repair on obverse 9 o'clock arm, but not extrememly noticeable. Sure appreciate your guys' opinions!

    Kind Regards,


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    the swan is just a import mark used mainly for taxation of imported and also auctioned goods. In my experience those marks were set at auction, whenever these items sold.

    How painfull !!! for the collector when applied anywhere else but the ring.

    Nice piece.

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