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  1. If you look closely you should see a punch mark on the rim near the Öse denoting silver. Swords although, I believe, unoffficial are often seen on the ribbon. The official attachment was the repeat bars, in this case two, which wrapped around, thus, no holes.
  2. It appears to be a quite high quality civilian commemorative/mourning medal for Friedrich. The motto is appropriate, as throat cancer is a slow and painful death. Even with the broken wreath, a great piece in 900 silver. What is the maker's mark before the 900?
  3. IOf it looks like they've been together for a long time, I would say leave it. Someone had a reason for putting them together and, although we'll never know what it was, it should be respected (pink with black polka dots being an exception ) Here's an EKII I've had for several years with a bizarre ribbon that I've left as found and intend to keep that way.
  4. Now that we have a name it must be a publicity shot from Ft. Apache, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, or Rio Grande with John Wayne.
  5. It looks like there might be a slight impression of the medal in the velvet. Strong lighting from the side could bring it out.
  6. Verrry nice Never seen one with horizontal hooks before. If you ever upgrade keep me in mind ;)
  7. It was a tossup whether to put this here or in the rarities post, but since it's not hens' teeth rare, just thin on the ground, it wound up here. Until 1866, when it was annexed by Prussia for staying neutral in the war against Austria, the city of Frankfurt am Main was a free city with its own standing army. If a fellow managed to stick it out for 15 years he got one of these. Established by the City Council in December 1840, it was awarded for " faithful and reproach-free performance in the line military of the Stadt." The dies were cut by Tomschütz of Frankfurt and the medal was produced by the Herzogliche Nassauische Medailleur Zollmann in Wiesbaden. Considering the population of the city was around 55,000 at the time there wouldn't have been much call for them.
  8. Welcome aboard Here's hoping your stay will be a pleasant one. Classy cross. Although it lacks the splendor of many other awards or the simple elegance of the Iron Cross It's one of my favorites. As far as I know it's the only Austrian award made "aus erorbetem Geschütz", i.e. captured cannon. You've picked a tough area to collect. The awards aren't as easily found as those from later wars and almost 200 years' attrition has turned many ribbons to dust. Have you tried the OMSA ribbon bank?
  9. By goom, that's a Bad'n (I've always wanted to say that) You can find out most if not all of what you want to know, and about the other 1848/49 insurrections throughout Europe here.
  10. Beautiful. One of my all time favorites, and with all the bells and whistles . To a woman who would have been locked up at best seventy years later! Congratulations on a superb find.
  11. If I go to Teheran will there be one of these waiting when I get back? I've always ed the repaired EK's, and this mounting is probably unique in the true sense. Congratulations :cheers:
  12. I weep in frustration. Of course, at the tender age of five I had other interests, usually dealing with mud and small crawling things.
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