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    1. Would you mind sharing the names of the other generals who's faces don't match? I tend to think now that the PlM was not awarded during the Napoleonic wars but later.
    2. Would anybody be willing to get a copy of the book "ZA OJCZYZNĘ I NARÓD 300 LAT ORDERU ORŁA BIAŁEGO Praca zbiorowa" for me?
    3. Does a St. Vladimir with crown even exists?
    4. Could you share those names? Also, to me, and as the St. Anne Star with Crowns is present, the sequence looks to me more like: Order of St. Stanislas 1st Class Order of St. Vladimir 2nd Class Prussian Pour le merite Order of St. Vladimir 3rd Class with Crown The golden Star would then be the St. Stanislaus star. Wrong overall color, but there is that green!
    5. So if he was awarded the 2nd class after a already awarded 3rd class (as seen here on the medal bar) he would only wear the star?
    6. He is not listed within the standard literature. The man looks different to Joseph Carl Anrep-Elmpt.
    7. But would he not have worn the 2nd class cross on his neck? He has a 3rd class on his medal bar though. What are those medals he is wearing anyway? He does have the Prussian Pour le Mérite. (See attached) the portrait and the order came with a princely inventory tag named "Joseph Anrep XXX" the 3rd word is not readable.
    8. Can anybody identify the golden star on this man's chest, better yet, identify the man himself?
    9. It's not just that mate. This one is the only original in this post.
    10. Here is the reason for the victory assumtion.
    11. Can somebody help identifying this star?
    12. That would fit, as I got this and the South Africa Medal from Canada! Thanks guys, this helps a lot.
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