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    Mystery Bayonet. Swiss?

    Tom Y

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    I've had this kicking around for a while. The socket is 3/4 in.+, overall length 22in. Cruciform blade.The socket matches the Swiss M1871 Vetterli in Janzen, but the dimensions don't seem the same. Any suggestions?

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    Hi Tom,

    Several countries used a very similar bayonet. There is an Austrian Model 1854 at 560.5 mm, one from the Netherlands Model 1871, First Pattern at 583 mm and a Second pattern at 579 mm. Yours, according to your measurement is 555.5 mm. Given a measure of error lets say 550mm. This lenght and the markings that show on the photograph match the Swiss Bajonett Ordonnanz 1863 in Paul Kiesling's book, "Bayonets of the World", Volume Two # 315 on page 20. Just in case you don't have this book here are the rifles and some background history from his book.


    Infanteriegewehr Ordonnanz 1863

    " " 1843 abgeandert 1867

    Gewehr system Peabody Ordonnanz 1867

    " " " " 1867/77

    Repetier-Infanterie-Gewehr system Vetterli Ordonnanz 1869/71

    Vetterli Ordonnanz 1871.


    In 1867 Switzerland purchased 15,000 Peabody rifles from the U.S.A. They were manufactured by the Providence Tool Company. At first the rifle was issued to sharpshooters only, but later on also to the sappers and miners.

    Used 1863-1878

    I hope that is a little help.

    Cheers :cheers:


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    Thanks, Brian. I don't have Kiesling's books, just Janzen's. From his drawings the proportions match the '63, but the turn of the elbow where it joins the blade matches the '71. That's what confused me.

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