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    Apologies for the question mark in the title, I am excited about these cat.gif

    I received these today. Won on eBay from clearly someone who didn't know which era as it was listed WW1 or WW2. I like the progression from RAO & 1897, to frontline service winning awards from Prussia, Bavaria . . . etc

    The early bars jumping.gif

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    Guest Rick Research





    1) a love.gif set of THREE in immaculate condition

    2) I think this may be the ONLY Bavarian Military Merit Order 3rd Class X ribbon bar I have ever seen

    3) HOW DID YOU GET THIS PAST THE EVIL RICKY?????? (PM, puhleez! cheeky.gif )

    I gave up at in the 60s of BMVO3Xs to Prussians/Naval officers in Major-Oberstleutnant ranks... if I had kept going, probably about 150 possibles would have come up and NO way to pare more than a known few dozen down, without the Saxe-Meiningen War Honor Cross Rolls (Erhard Roth, where are you?)

    SPLENDID set. Congratulations! cheers.gif

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    Nobody sneaks by me......... sometimes I actually try to take the time to see who's bidding, that's all! Of course the fact that they listed it in "other militaria" helped sneak it by everybody else.

    Ricky sees all, Ricky finds all, sometimes Ricky doesn't bid on all! tongue.gif

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