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  1. Ralph, did you ever get my message?
  2. The ribbon bar is imaginary. The uniform shirt is something that has evolved as an aggressor force uniform since the late fifties.
  3. Richard, is there a ribbon bar I can to contribute to your insomnia? Nice to see you are alive and well and the only person in North America authorized to own anything having to do with St. Tammy.
  4. ...a part of me wants to say, Nice try buddy!
  5. Dan, the combat tank badge is bogus. It was floated but never authorized. The proposed version had yellow (branch color for armor) enamel.
  6. I am delighted by the continuing growth of this thread and our tinnie "database."
  7. CYQ is Spreewerk in Berlin. They used to make heavy machinery or was it locomotives? Anyway, fine machining is not to be found on these pieces as it would on a Mauser made piece. Rough machining is a trademark of this maker.
  8. It's nice to know he did something besides Easter eggs.
  9. How are the documents being preserved? Has the rifle been converted from flint to percussion?
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