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    Reccomendation Needed for German Army Order of Battle Resource

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    Hi All -

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good book that details the German Army Order of Battle from 1939-1945, either one book or a series, in English preferably, but I could make do with my schoolboy German. I am specifically looking for unit designations, parent units, and where they were posted/engaged. As always, any help appreciated!


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    Hello Don.

    I found " German Order of Battle, The regiments, formations and units of the German ground forces " quite helpful.

    This book was apparently prepared by British Intelligence for the 1944 Landings in Normandie.

    It was reprinted since its first edition for the public in 1975 with

    ISBN 1-85367 170-3

    Bernhard H. Holst

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    Hi, I have a book entitled "Hitlers Legions" it gives a make up of units and history of all the ground divisions (Heer, LFD, Para, SS and KM) While not a true OB its very well done and a very good reference (IMHO) I think you can get one on Amazon or Abebooks.

    Good Luck!


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