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    1957 spange question

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    I have a friend that collects 1957 medals and post war uniforms(but also WW2), I myself collect imperial Bavarian.

    He now has the uniform and medals from a german soldier.

    He wants to make a spange from the medal in order to put them on the uniform as a spange.

    He would like to know in which order these medals need to be, he thinks these:

    EK II 1939

    KVK 2 klasse 1939


    Zoll Grenzschutz Orden


    He would like to know how one can put these on a spange.Maybe unethical to make new spanges but the medals are all from 1 person and he wants to put them on a uniform for display.

    If anybody has some ideas they are welcome.

    thanks in advance

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    The original wearer of these awards never had them mounted, even though he probably had the opportunity at the time. I would say, and obviously this is only my personal opinion, that they should be left as they are, and as the original owner had them.

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    I agree on that, personally I am totally against changing history by messing with medals, uniforms and such.

    He just asked me if I could ask here since he wants them displayed at an exebition.

    I myself am not really familiar with 1957 medals, so maybe you could answer the question if they are in the correct order?(he is persisitant of making a spange out of it so why not have it in the right order as they are going to be shown at an exebition).

    Personally I already told him it was unethical to make a Spange since it was not done by the man in question himself.

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