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    SA Treffen Braunschweig 17./18. Oktober 1931

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    Several variants, the original rally badge and a later variant which came in both hollow back and solid back form. The only hollow back photos I have are of a fake badge, but there were original hollow backed awards.

    Your photos are not good enough for me to comment on, I just posted it for information.

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    I have to say my feelings are the opposite on the two badges Nick shows - I like the bronze hollow back and don't like the solid one.

    The solid one has odd leaves generally with wider and rougher inside leaves than I have ever seen on an original badge and the eagle's wings are sharper. I like to see bubbling on the finish, but the pin looks modern in the picture and there is no maker or RZM mark on the reverse. Solid badges should have RZM M1/17 on the reverse.

    The bronze one I've seen before with traces of a silver wash, and generally conforms more to early period examples shown in the literature in overall look.

    As for the one that started this thread, I've just started seeing these RZM / Ges. Gesch. marked hollow backed badges. Maybe they've been around for a long time, but I hadn't seen them before about a year ago. I am suspicious but can't say for sure one way or the other. I don't get a good feeling from this one just based on the rough finish, but it could be the photo. In any event, nicer quality ones can be found and I'd wait for a better one to come along.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Thanks for the input. These badges always seem to spark some debate. :D

    The hollow backed award I sold as a repro a few years ago for about $20 as the consensus of opinion on WAF was it was fake. I was always happy with the finish, but the pin catch always was a little suspicious, if it is a good one someone has got a bargain.

    As for the solid backed award. It is a heavy badge which the photos may not do justice to, I would be interested to hear more opinion's on both especially the solid backed one as it came from DN and can always go back. ;)

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    Solid one in alluminium. Of no help probably. I think I may have kept yours Nick. Although I seem to remember something about the S having to be directly over the R.



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    Thanks Pete - that is helpful. Yours in the solid backed Honour Award made by Assmann (M1/17). You can see how the underside of the wings and the wreath features are a little softer than the other solid above. A look at the Assmann catalogue (1939-40) shows this version.

    The hollow backed ones are thought to be pre-1936 when it was made an official Honour Award of the NSDAP and reissued in solid, RZM'd form.

    Pete - you're thinking of Mickey Huffmann's book that says the S should be directly over the R in this version. I'm not sure that holds true for pre-1936 hollow badges. Another give away for earlier fakes is cutting off the end of a swastika arm.

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    I'm looking for an opinion on this SA Braunschweig M1/63 tinnie....I've avoided buying one of these badges for almost a year due to my lack of knowledge and the high number of copies in the market....

    ....I would appreciate any and all feedback....



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