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    Well, I think it is a good zinc badge to start with. Which maker seems a bit hard, maybe if we had the images of the reverse hardware of RS, Foerster, maybe a couple others we could try to narrow it down.

    The eagle sure looks like RS to me, but also Foerster as you said. However, I do not think the reverse setup matches either badge.


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    Hi, All !

    My new U-Boot badge. Foerster unmark ? Opinions please

    Regards, Alex

    There were at least five known makers that used this generic design - Foerster & Barth, B H Mayer, Friedrich Orth, Rudolf Souval and Wernstein.

    The first three - Foerster, Mayer and Orth can be absolutely ruled out as there is a key die characteristic that is different.

    The design matches Souval and Wernstein obverse but totally different fittings to any recorded to these makers.

    There are a number of other unmarked examples of this generic type which turn up from time to time with the same obverse characteristics but different reverse set ups, like this one. I doubt if a firm identification of a maker will be possible.

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