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    Amarican Naval Cutlass


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    Hello Dave,

    It's similar to known examples from that period. Overall very crude, wood grip with a slightly curved blade. These were usually made in lots by a metal worker when a ship owner needed some weapons for his crew. I can't find any markings but I'll keep looking through the rust. I think that these kinda blades are not often marked.



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    Looks like a truly classic example of a Revolutionary War period cutlass of American manufacture.

    Very nice indeed!

    I was a Ranger with the National Park Service for several years at Valley Forge. During that time the NPS aquired George Neumann's entire collection of Rev War arms. I got to examine quite a few pieces very closely. I would be surprised if you found any markings on it, since I think that, as you said, most cutlasses used by the Americans were of the "home-made" (or ship-made) variety.

    I see photos of a piece like this and that old phrase comes to mind:

    "If these things could only talk!"

    Thanks for sharing this item!

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    I just ordered George Neumann's book 'Battle Weapons of the American Revolution'. When I get it I'll post some examples of other naval swords from the revolution.



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