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    North Korean Air Force insignia

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    Any other pics out there? How about uniforms?

    I was interested in the remarks regarding North Korean badges and appreciate Reichrommel's comments. I was interested to learn that the second cap wings he showed is the civil airline. I have this badge, and had wondered why the difference between that and the military badge.

    The few oddments I have of North Korea are shown below. The first is the Army officer's cap cockade. Army Generals, in parade dress have gold wire-emboidered embellishments on the cap band, identical with the old Soviet custom.

    The second scan is that of the Air Force badge. Again, as with all the Soviet-orientated countries, the Air force is part of the army and flight personnel are distinguished by the cap wings above the army badge. This cockade, is slightly smaller than the Army officer's badge. The earlier (Korean War version was in plain brass with no enamelling.

    The Navy cockade is similar to the army one, but carried an anchor behind the star. (I do not have this one).

    The third scan, cockade in wreath, is, I guess, a more modern item. Anyone know who wears this?


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