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    Spanish Civil War Campaign Medal

    Guest Darrell

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    Guest Darrell

    I've seen it on some ribbon bars below, but in a thread specifically for itself. Just figured I'd post mine as well as the box it came with beer.gif

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    Fine sample of the "Medalla de la campa?a". It have been attributed to all the members who made a turn in Spain. This one is for combattant personnel (black stripes), Non combattant received ( according to the regulations) the same with green stripes.

    The manufacturer "Egana" is the most known.


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    Yes, that's for the same man. I own few small groups like this one.

    I'm not really interested by large groups, but by small one with spanish war related documents. I try to find all the SC documents variants for the different classes. I'm looking for the document of the spanish cross in bronze without sword attributed to a Navy member. rolleyes.gif


    in the immortal words of most every male in the northern hemisphere,

    "nice pair".

    and, if i am correct, to the same man!

    you are fortunate to have these.


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    Please see a translation of the rules and description with the languaje of the years 1940's

    Decree 192, of 26.1.1937

    1. The recompenses that for campaign merits, they can be granted to generals, chiefs, officials and troop classes will be the following ones:

    g) Campaign Medal.

    10. The Campaign Medal will be granted to how many in an active way they intervene in operations or serve in the fire line during the minimum period that notices for each sector, having a different ribbon when it is about rearguard services.

    Other data.

    The size of the Medal is of 37 millimeters of external diameter, 3 millimeters of thick and 3 millimeters wide of the edge.

    Finished in black and in gilt in the following parts: the whole edge of the obverse, the visible parts of the laureate swords, and, in the reverse, the eagle, even the claws that appear through the yoke, and the whole bar of the legend, less the ARRIBA ESPA?A.

    In their upper a piece of 5 millimeters high, of which leaves a ring 16 millimeters of external diameter, where it hooks the bicolor ribbon, with black edges, of 30 millimeters, it connects in the simple pin.

    Obverse. Shows up the strength of the Iberian temperament for the Spanish lion in frank fight with the mythological dragon, representing the communism. He has been reflected in the composition the moment of domain of Le?n that begins their definitive claw on the dragon that, on-line stylized, automated and lacking spirit, it is about being revolved.

    As background to this group, the laureate appears, in gold, with a nascent sun in the superior quadrant of the right and the date of the Glorious Lift, 17 DE JULIO DE 1936 in the superior quadrant of the left.

    Coinciding with the thick of the Medal and the width of the bar of the reverse, and also in gold, a edge contains, to the right, the laurels, and, to the left, the oak.

    Reverse. Inspired the composition in the glorious ARRIBA ESPA?A, highlights the inscription like main topic, with characters in relief on the plan of depth that carry the ornamental elements. The eagle winner elevates Catholics Kings coat of arms, taking advantage of the logic of her symmetry to insert the yoke. The left wing marks the horizontal one peaceful, showing the ornamental luxury of its feathers; in the right, subject to the circular dominant rhythm in the composition, representing the continuous movement.

    In the rest of the vain one, with marked simplicity, the sheaf of arrows to a side, unit symbol, with their first arrow indicating the vertical one upward, rightness, aspiration. In the base, and I hold rather to appearance harmonica that to the expressive materiality, a helmet of war, as defensive simple element.

    Lastly, hugging the whole ornamental group, as simple aureole of glory, a bar of gold: GENERAL?SIMO FRANCO. UNA, GRANDE, LIBRE, IMPERIAL. 1936-1939.

    The ribbon for the Medal by "rearguard" services will be bicolor, but with green edges.

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