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Attached are two examples of fake Mutterkreuz in my collection, shown besides a genuine example, these are fake 1, fake 2,3 and genuine 4.

Fake 1 is very close to an original but I believe to be a casting due to several flaws, in the manufacture which do not suggest an original die flaw, the reverse is quite close. Additionally it has several dimples in the enamel that I would not expect to see. It did come with a piece of ribbon that matches the original in all dimensional respects. It was obtained in the 1990?s

Fake 2 & 3 obviously come from the same source, these are 1960?s 70?s fakes, the differences are quite stark, dimensions of the cross are wrong, they are slightly thicker, the proportions of the blue/white enamelling is wrong, the blue enamel has a slightly lighter more translucent appearance to it, the rays between the arms have three clearly defined splays and not the five encountered on the original (or fake 1 for that matter) the reverse however is the obvious give-away, additionally the ribbons used were far wider, resembling the Baltic cross more.

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Hi Laurence, yours shows similar poorly defined rays as mine, however yours shows 5 rays, but not a clearly defined as an original. similar incorrect proportions between the blue and white enamelling, although it appears that the colour resembles the original more closely,the reverse looks like it was literally hand engraved. From the photo, it looks like the ribbon is about the right width,is that correct? What really hits me in the face is the position of the inscription around the central swastika, completely the other way round

yet another variation, thanks for posting



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