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    Hungarian sea scouts badge?

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    I have this pre WW II badge in my collection. Is it for Hungarian sea scouts? Is it a common badge?

    I can read on the reverse: CSERKESZBOLT


    and the image of the head of boyscout with the hat.

    Thank you,


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    Not a common badge - or not one that I have seen before - but mind you most people are looking for Levente items. My best guess is that its for river work as the Danube Flotilla was a very nostalgic item during the period. But also anything to do with the river or the sea in Hungary is a rare item. AS for what is written on the back:

    CSERKESZBOLT = "Scouts Store" so I would guess that this was a shop where you could go and buy all the required scouting needs.

    NSANDOR U.6 = "Nagy Sandor" (Alexander the Great) Street #6

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    I see little pins like this but dont know the reason behind them - my "guess" is that this has somethign to do with law

    Top is Jog = 'Law'

    Left side says Igazsag = 'Truth'

    Right side says Szeretet = 'Love / Affection'

    So - 'Love of Law and Truth'?

    Magyarok.... segitseg!?

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