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  1. I understand what you mean. For me 200-300 usd is a fine value for a medal. BTW I found it sold without box on one of the auctions for 600 usd. I bought it for 15 euro.
  2. Anyway, 200-300 euros is quite a high price.
  3. Thank you! I found that the medal stands on 4 of 5 on scarcity scale on this site http://www.imperialjapanmedalsandbadges.com/manenthronment.html
  4. Does anybody know who and how many persons got this medal?
  5. This is the medal of the Latvian Union for Life-saving.
  6. Found this badge and the medal. What do you think about it? Is it a prinzen-size badge? Is it original? Silvermarked 925. Dimensions 50x30 mm.
  7. Thank you Bill. The smaller version must be very rare. I never seen this before.
  8. Yes, there were. I have a document for the Estonian badge.
  9. Jef, Thank you for the response. Very nice medal. Is it possible to find an authentic pre-WWII medal on market? Best regards pluribus
  10. Hi, How did the medal look like? Is it possible to find an original medal these days?
  11. Estonian order of Coat of Arms was designed by Estonian artist Paul Luhtein in 1936 and manufactured by Estonian firm Roman Tavast.
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