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Need HELP on strange script

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Hello all,

Today when taking pictures of mine new Brazilian order NATIONAL MERIT ORDER I found some strange script.

Can someone help me on this one? :speechless:

It?s the highest order given by Brazilian Government. Since 1946 only 200 people were awarded.

I?m really happy to get this one....but all the experience I have with this order was in books, that do no mention this signs...

Thanks in advance,


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As the symbols appear on an armillary band on the globe, they probably were meant to represent the major constellations (zodiac), but the die cutter certainly added his own artistic license to the forms, as none match the modern representations of the signs.

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I'd say zodiac signs as well. The band around the globe represents the ecliptic, and on it - if you are in to western astrology - you can mark the succession of 'houses' through which the earth moves... No doubt the original idea, but later jewellers weren't astrologers so carved something more or less like the original design rather than getting it precisely right.

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