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    Who are they ? Some strange uniforms. Help

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    But when I compare the belt-buckles of the men in the last photo, they seem to wear the same buckles as the men with the austrian style cap.

    Except ONE is wearing a Jungvolk buckle !!!!! Very strange !!!!

    And the last photo was made in N?rtingen, which is W?rttemberg


    Now - what are they ???

    German license plate, german sport badges, german photographer - makes me believe they are german, hmm. ?

    Any help is highly appreciated, as always.


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    not sure about the last couple of photos but the others show members of the W?rttemberg "Bereitschaftpolizei" from the twenties and early thirties. They had two distinct uniforms - the dark green service dress and a fieldgrey exercise and daily dress uniform with ski-cap.



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    Guest Rick Research

    The only thing I could find out about those metal sleeve insignia is, from Ingo L?hken's "Polizei Uniformen der S?ddeutschen Staaten 1872-1932," that Stammpersonal of the POLICE SCHOOL wore this, from 30 March 1930:

    4x6 cm oval nickel metal shield with initials "PS."

    The "pajamas" are martial arts outfits. back then, it was probably ju-jitsu rather than karate being taught.

    NOW, the guys in the RUSSIAN style "gimnastyorka" smocks in 9 and 10 must be some version of the German Communist Party... the "opposition."

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