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A british battle dress july 1944 - marking question

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correct me if I am wrong, guys, but isn't it the C broad arrow stamping, which indicates it was made in Canada and is Canadian military property?

- Chris

Think you're correct there Chris. There is also a Farnham in Canada so, must be a Canadian made blouse.


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I am pretty sure they were made in Canada for all Commonwealth countries (except Australia as we wore a different style blouse) to wear. I know Australian made battledress blouses (in this pattern even though we didn't use them) were used by British, Canadian and South African troops.

- Chris

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I'm a little late on this subject but Canada started manufacturing this type of battledress in September 1939, following the pattern of the 1937 British battledress. Several variations of 37 pattern battledress can be found and Canada certainly was not the only manufacturer. The Brits were already doing so. If the battledress was manufactured for another country, it would not be marked with the "C broad arrow". The manufacturer normally marked his company name and size in the battledress. The "C broad arrow" mark said this is Canadian government property, for issue to Canadian troops.

The "C broad arrow" marking was found on virtually all Canadian military owned property from battledress, to rifles, Stenguns, tents, F-S knives, etc. as was the "broad arrow" found on British military property.

Hope this helps.


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