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    Opinions sought on a Karl FORTITVDINI in Zink

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    Hallo Gents, :cheers:

    Showing some zink bloom around the profile.

    40mm diameter, and a small steel ring to hang on the ribbon hook.

    Offered up for your inspection and comments, this large Size late WW1 era Emp. Karl of Austria, large size Bravery award in Kriegsmetal / Zink.

    Kevin in Deva :beer:

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    Guest Rick Research

    These seem to turn up from the EX-Hapsburg lands... my best guess is replacement pieces from after the war.

    I've never seen any like these from Austria.

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    Hallo Gents, :cheers:

    thanks for your replies.

    There is NO maker name and the ribbon ring mount is different to yours Charles.

    I have never heard of these being made as fakes as the detail is very good.

    Replacement pieces in ?pst-WW1 Transylvania. :unsure:

    Kevin in Deva

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    Even without the makers name its still a 100% period example (1918-30's). The ring may have been changed after the passage of time, but not a big deal. Now you just need a good bath in petrolim distilates and a good ribbon to make o'l Karl shine.

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    • 1 year later...

    Hello Kev,

    your interesting Tapferkeitsmedaille, not bearing any engraver's signature (it should be that of Kautsch), as said is a private purchase piece (possibly also from the 1917-18 period).

    Officially struck and awarded pieces must have the engraver's signature ("Tautenheyn" for Franz Joseph TM 2nd Class and Bronze; "Leisek" for TM 1st Class) and usually marked "ZINK" or "ZINK HMA" on the edge. I don't have evidence of Goldene Tapferkeitsmedaillen, having been officially struck in zinc.

    Best wishes,


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