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    This bar belonged to Olt Gerhard Kadelbach. He came from the Fu?artillerie-Regiment No 14 to the Ostasiatisches Bataillon schwerer Feldhaubitzen in 1900. 1901 he returned to the Fu?artillerie-Regiment No 9. He got the

    PKO4x ? 1900, BZ3bx ? 1902, RSt3x ? 1903


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    Oh my goodness, I saw this bar once when it came up (on Ebay, right?!) and never was able to forget it again.

    Someone has numbers for Z?hringer with swords awarded for China and Colonies?! Not many, I guess ... :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Great bar, thanks for showing it here. :love:

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    Guest Rick Research

    :love::jumping::love: PERFECT "Old Style" bar. As far as I can tell, there were about 1,300 German troops involved in the bombardment of the Peitang Forts on 20 September 1900. :cheers:

    This is another "tricky" one, because we always look in 1914 trying to identify groups like this-- and between 1907 and 1912 (gaps in my Rank Lists) he had a Red Eagle 4 and his XXV. He also had a Crown to the Red Eagle 4 before the war started. So this ribbonbar was put away some time between 1907 and 1912.

    And notice that he is NOT wearing Xs on his Crown Order war ribbon-- so it "looks" like an Iron Cross!

    Oberst aD Kadelbach got the following Orders in the World War:

    SA3aX on 29.6.16 as Staff Officer for Foot Artillery with Armee Abteilung von Strantz

    BMV4XmKr as initial award 5.8.16 as "Martin" Kadelbach

    HHOX gazetted 19.5.18

    He went back and forth from foot artillery units to long years at the Haupt Kadetten Anstalt, Berlin-Lichterfelde. Last wartime command was Artillerie Kommandeur 195.

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    Some facts.

    For the Boxer uprising 38 German soldiers (army and marines) were awarded with the RSt3x in 1903 and 14 got the BZ3bx in 1902/03 (army and marines). As far as I know. I don?t know the awards for the navy.


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