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    Just noticed a small but definite difference between the Tombak and Zink versions of this badge which would suggest that either different dies were used, or the zink ones were by a different maker. (Not impossible as there are many exampoles of "almost identical" badges by different makers Schwerin/Steinhauer, Zimmermann/Mayer/Schickle etc.

    Note the point of one of the laurel leaves is visible just above the deck of the submarine on the Tombak version but is missing on the Zink version.

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    Thank you Gordon, for yet more insight into the unchartered waters of U-Boat badges not within the realm of the known and accepted.

    Here is a tombak "Juncker" in my collection. It is different from most of the similar badges as the swastika and deck gun are "cut out".

    Best Regards,


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    At a quick glance you would think these came from the same die. The point about the missing leaf-tip made me examine the 2 examples in more detail and I see all sorts of small differences now.

    If these are Juncker, and going by their flight badges, more than one u-boat badge type would not be a surprise. For the pilot badge alone they had at least 3 types.


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    Very nice piece. The range of types - Zink/Tombak, Cut out Swas/Solid Swas, varoius pin fittings etc suggests a rather nice collection could be made just by specialising in this one badge.


    Good point ! Not being much into Luft stuff I hadn't thought of that. The screwback version being very similar to the screwback Juncker flight badges is one of the strongest pointers yet I think.

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