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  1. My fixed bale with early Westinghouse liner. This came from the estate of an 8th Airforce officer but there is nothing to say it was his helmet.
  2. Here is my Schaumberg Lippe offering. Standard trio but with wound badge and lapel pin. All came together. Rich
  3. Here is mine. Standard fare trio. Nothing special just a nice representation for Wuerttemberg.
  4. Here is my second one. I believe this is a luxury, private purchase Hanseatic cross in silver. The Hindenburg is also private purchase and made from bronze (non magnetic). The reverse has an off white backing often seen in Godet bars, but without label.
  5. Here is one of mine. For some reason the Hanseatic ribbon is deteriorating and a lower part is missing. Reverse is with a tailors label. C.G Ulrich, HAMBERG and has a green backing.
  6. Lovely bar and great to see some of Ricks bar staying within the GMIC community. Rich
  7. This one was on the Militaria Berlin update today (they own the photos). Looks like a similar hinge/pin set-up but just not a chunky!
  8. ​Thanks, Brian. I just wasn't sure of the criteria. ​I never really paid that much attention to the EK2 to be honest. Going to look more closer at it tonight! ​Thanks! ​I would imagine the former. Surely a general would have much more awards than this?
  9. I am assuming this is all Prussian. No other states on it so I guess so: Am I right in thinking this soldier was in service in 1870 and 1914 hence the centenary medal? Or what was the criteria? Rich
  10. Unfortunately I didn't save any more photos of the medal bar. If I recall the photos in the auction didn't reveal all that much more.
  11. I need to read this thread completely but without photos showing it makes it hard to follow. While I'm waiting for the photos I'll post this...was on eBay not that log ago: I think when I discussed this on a Spanish forum, the consensus was that only the swords were made by Deschler and had been added to the cross but the cross itself was from another maker. Is that correct that Deschler was not a maker of the 4th class?
  12. Wish I could see the photos. Hamburg is not in Bavaria, is it? Just thinking which bars from my collection that I can add...
  13. ​Eric, from memory yours is the least worn example I have ever seen! No markings at all?
  14. Hi Eric, I also like it but cannot match it to any specific EK1 maker either. What other types do you have? Is there a thread with them all? Rich
  15. Trevor, thanks for sharing what you know of the Juncker/AWS connection. I didn't think there were other factors such as others using their part and or tooling. Brian, It is a nice cross but the soldering is a bit sloppy around the hinge as noted in the photographs. I would imagine this one was never awarded nor worn in combat. It looks like a post 1918 creation. With iron crosses of various types it is amazing how some of the most desired are actually not that well made like the Juncker RK and some are a bit ugly like the core of the KMST EK1. Rich
  16. OK, I guess the silence is an indicator that i made a mistake returning here,
  17. Mine. GH 950 These are such a beautiful award. Nice Pics... what did you use to get such clear close ups?
  18. I often see written that there is a connection between AWS and Juncker. I have never seen a Juncker 1914 EK1 but plenty of AWS. Where does the connection stem from? Is this one AWS or Juncker?
  19. I know this one is an old thread but would anyone have an approximate value of the pilot badge with square mark with solid back? Thanks Rich
  20. This one with the * mark on the pin sold yesterday on Ebay: EK1 1914 Rich
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