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    Here's the verbatim response from my pal in Seoul. It sounds as though you've gotten a very fine piece. Enjoy it !


    It is great medal to present to Very Important People by Korea National Red Cross, the 2nd top level of medal. It was presented to Mr. Matts Bergom Larson, Chairman of Swedish Red Cross on 17 Oct 1975. Normally, the Taeguk-Jang is presented to Vice Chairman of Korea National Red Cross, Foreign Prime Ministers, former Chairman of National Red Cross, Chairman of Foreign National Red Cross, Chief of Red Cross International Association and so on.

    The 6 letters of top are Dae Han Juck Sip Ja Sa (Korea Red Cross), the next 5 biggest letters are Juck Sip Ja - Dae Jang (Red Cross Medal), the next 3 letters are Taeguk-Jang (name of medal) and the last one is ?Je 7 Ho? is No. 7 which is recorded in the list.

    It is for very important people working for Red Cross, not military medal.


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    that's a great medal, I' love to find something like that, I have seen very few Korean Red Cross medals, and only have a Merit medal and a North Korean RC badge. Congratulations. Named medals are in a special class, be sure to keep the info with the medal, so it can be passed on to its next owner when the time comes.

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