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    Order of the Red Star, Nr. 3607071

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    Here is another from the trove of David Schwind. This time awarded to a Captain, 1st Rank, in the Red Navy. I'll let the documents and the award speak for themselves. . .

    Order Card #E-209304

    1. Last Name - Isupov

    2. First Name - Vladimir Vasilievich

    3. Military Rank - Captain, 1st Rank

    4. Sex - Male

    5. Year of birth - 1926

    6. Place of birth - Onega, Arkangelsk region

    7. Partisanship - Member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (KPSS) since 1948

    8. Education - high (Bachelor's degree)

    9. Nationality - Russian

    10. In Soviet Army (Navy?) since 1943

    11. Place of Service and Occupation in time award was given - Kiev VVMPI (Kiev Naval Academy) in charge of partisan and political work

    12. Present Occupation - same

    13. Home Address - 17 Enthusiasts Street, Apartment 4, Kiev (Ukraine)

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    Award Card obverse. . .

    Award Card

    1. Name- Isupov, Vladimir Vasilievich

    2. Rank - Captain, 2nd Rank

    3. Occupation - Director of Partisan and Political Work in Kiev Naval Political Academy

    4. Year of birth - 1926

    5. Nationality - Russian

    6. Partisanship - KPSS (CPSU) member since 1948

    7. Activity during World War II - June 1944 to August 1944, Black Sea Naval Force

    8. Any woundings/concussions? none

    9. In Soviet Army (Navy?) since 1943

    10. Recruited from Lomonosov, Arkhangelsk Region

    11. Previous Awards - 8 medals (not listed?)

    12. Current Address - Kiev (Ukraine)

    2nd Rank Captain Isupov devoted 24 years to the Naval Forces. He went from matrose to the Director of Partisian and Political Work. Tovarisch Isupov is known as a person of the highest partisan and business qualities. He is hard working and persistent. On a daily basis he is taking care of his political growth.

    Tovarisch Isupov obtained a Ph.D. in History.

    For the excellent work, and in connection with the 50th Anniversary of the USSR Armed Forces, Tovarisch Isupov is suggested to be awarded with the Order of the Red Star.

    1st Rank Captain Turchin

    Edited by Bill Garvy
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    Guest Rick Research

    A NAVAL Commissar!!!!! Congratulations-- haven't seen much recent naval research come in. :cheers:

    It's "Party-political work," not "partisan-political."

    8 medals... hmmmm

    Victory Over Germany

    1948 Jubilee

    his MMM for 10 years service in 1953

    1958 Jubilee

    15 Years Service Medal in 1958

    20 Years Service Medal in 1963

    1965 Jubilee

    that's still only 7, unless they were counting ahead for his 1968 jubilee at this early a date.

    I'm a research pig-- have you tried for his personnel file?

    I'm sitting on a WW2 Polar naval aviation/Cold War nuclear strike flying officer partial group-- haven't gambled on the naval archives yet.

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