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    I'm focused at iron crosses at the moment,but when a helmet like this one is crossing my way I can't resist

    This one is a good,clean and nice wartime M16 that was overpainted mattblack and the reissued to the Luftschutz.The chinstrap is missing but you can't win all the time.The sizestamp is very hard to see under the thick paint,but I can read ET64.

    The liner is a bit damaged and shows some traces of water.Hope you like it.


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    Great example ..

    I've never seen it confirmed in a Book but , I have a theory that during the War these Black Luftschutz Helmets (with front decal) were used by Factory Civil Defense/Police Guards. I have a few that also have the Luftschutz Decal on the front and a Company Logo on the side ..all Black.

    Since the "Luftschutz" and the Logo was done away with after the War , I think they removed the official front Decal and put the Company name on the front .

    Is there any sign of another decal ever being on the left side ?

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