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Just joined and though I write books on a German topic, my 700+ WWII aircraft books are a relax hobby with interest in RAF, US, German, and Japanese aircraft. I am always looking for good titles. I note the lack of much available at all on Martin Maryland twin engine bombers bought by the RAF though a new non-English booklet has appeared. I hope members in the UK will post photos from some of your exceptional air shows and aerial related museums, have seen some in person but not all. Among my favorites (in no order) created "over the pond" are:








Sea Fury (though not WWII operational)

With walls of Robert Taylor, Frank Wootton, and other prints here to remind me !!


Mark C. Yerger

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Mark since you interested in German a/c, although I am not sure if it is technical or operations you may want to spend the pennies on volume 1 of JG 300 produced by Eagle Editions. by far one of the superior German to English translations ever produced. Plenty of first person accounts, operations, losses, kills and of course a/c pics galore

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Got the JG-300 book. Heard also that Monogram is doing a Ta-152 book this year, similar to their Ar-234 and Do-335 books.

Generally I'm interested in:

aircraft development, etc

aces (biographical)

Among my favorite British aircraft authors are Mason and Shores. Also VERY much enjoy Warner's Blenheim book. Its a tad rough finding what I want as a UK aircraft fan who lives "over here" and took some time to get all my Putnam volumes and some other titles.



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Hello all

I must admit that i havent got a clue about the shown picture ??

But...if you are looking for a picture of a particular airplane, here is a link worth trying:


Arranged alphabeticaly by name of airplane, can it get any easier ??

For instance, there is over 1000 pictures of the Spitfire !!

Have fun !!!

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I always wondered about the Tempest, as it entered the war when most of the dogfights against Lufwaffe were over, how many did the Tempest kill??? Anybody?? Also, does anybody know what was the score of the no 1 Tempest ace??

And, what were it's speed, climb and armament specs??

I really would love to know of any dramatic events that this plane got into, and any other info would be much appreciated too...

All I know is that Camm and co, learned from the Typhoon, and made a fast fighter that the raf used in 44-45. Was it faster than the mk XIX family Spitifires?

Yours truly, Mr Poundr.[attachmentid=22669] [attachmentid=22670]

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