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    Brigadier E.H. Blacker, MC

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    Chris Kempton in his: 'Loyalty & Honour : The Indian Army September 1939 ? August 1947' list a Brigadier E.H. Blacker, MC as Commander of 47th Indian Infantry Brigade between 1st November 1942 and March 1943. However I have been unable to identify this officer!

    I have tried the following sources with no luck.

    Who's Who 1897-1996

    The Times Archives 1785-1985

    The London Gazette (online) 1914 >

    The Monthly Army List for July 1937

    War Services of British and Indian Officers of the Indian Army 1941

    Any suggestions on what to do next?

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    This will require checking in WWII era Indian Army Lisst. I had a full set available a couple of weeks ago, but none now. His MC, if real (and Kempton has many errors) should be found in the online London Gazette, though his family name may be common enough to make it a LONG search, and it can be an immensely cranky source; also some WWII Indian Army MCs appeared only in the Gazette of India. All my Indian Army MC notes relate to Indians, not natives (of the British Isles).

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    It appears that this is one of Kempton's errors. After a suggestion from a member from AHF I took a closer look at Brigadier Eric Henry Blaker who I had as commander for the period, and a search in Google books I found reference to him as commander of 47th Indian Infantry Brigade. So the mystery is solved.

    So I am sorry to have made you search in vain.

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