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    Who know this commander and who know

    the u-boat?

    I think it’s an type IX boat.

    Perhaps somebody can specify the type (A, B,..)

    See the hand grip on the photos

    (left side with dolphin and right side to the


    Unfortunaly i can’t find any malings on the tower

    to identify it.

    Best regards


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    • 2 months later...

    Merten, Karl-Friedrich

    ? 15-08-1905 Posen / Stadtkreis Posen / Provinz Posen

    ? Linien Seeoffizier Eintritt in Reichsmarine, Crew 1926

    ? 01-04-1926 Offiziersanw?rter

    01-04-1928 F?hnrich zur See

    01-06-1930 Oberf?hnrich zur See

    01-10-1930 Leutnant zur See

    01-04-1933 Oberleutnant zur See

    01-04-1936 Kapit?nleutnant

    01-04-1941 Korvettenkapit?n (with effect of 01-03-40 and rank length of service of 01-03-40)

    01-01-1944 Fregattenkapit?n

    15-04-1945 Kapit?n zur See

    ? 20-04-1938 Deutsches Spanien Kreuz in Bronze ohne Schwerter (when serving in Leicht Kreuzer Leipzig u. Leicht Kreuzer Karlsruhe 09/35-07/37)

    02-10-1939 Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse (when serving as Ausbildungsoffizier Linienschiff Schleswig-Holstein 06/39-04/40)02-08-1941 U-Boots-Kriegsabzeichen 1939 (when serving as Kdt. U 68 02/41-01/43)

    30-12-1941 Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse (when serving as Kdt. U 68 02/41-01/43)

    13-06-1942 Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes (when serving as Kdt. U 68 02/41-01/43)

    09-10-1942 Flotten-Kriegsabzeichen (when serving as Ausbildungsoffizier Linienschiff Schleswig-Holstein 06/39-04/40)

    16-11-1942 Eichenlaub zum Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes (when serving as Kdt. U 68 02/41-01/43)

    30-01-1943 Uboot-Kriegsabzeichen mit Brillanten (when serving as Kdt. U 68 02/41-01/43)

    30-01-1944 Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse mit Schwertern (when serving as Flottillenchef 24.U-Flottille 03/43-05/44)

    29-10-1944 Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse mit Schwertern (when serving as Flottillenchef 24.U-Flottille 06/44-03/45

    ? 29/04/1940-02/06/1940 zur Verf?gung BdU Befehlshaber der U-Boote Org., U.T.O-Lehrgang Torpedoschule, Flensburg-M?rwik (At disposal of U-Boat service. Torpedos Training)

    03/06/1940-30/06/1940 U.W.O-Lehrgang Marine-Nachrichtenschule, Flensburg-M?rwik (Communications Training Course)

    01/07/1940-29/09/1940 U.W.O-Lehrgang 1.Unterseeboots-Lehr-Division, Pillau (U-Boat Training Course)

    30/09/1940-29/11/1940 KSL 24.U-Flottille, Memel (U-Boat Commander Torpedo Shooting Course)

    30/11/1940-23/01/1941 Kommandantensch?ler, Konfirmand U 38 [Liebe] / 2.U-Flottille, Lorient (Commander Sea Training. Made one war patrol 35 days)

    24/01/1941-10/02/1941 Baubelehrung U 68 Deutsche Schiff- und Maschinenbau AG [A.G. Weser], Bremen / Baubelehrung U-Boote Nordsee, Bremen (Instruction in the final stage of construction in shipyard)

    11/02/1941-18/01/1943 Kommandant U 68 / 2.U-Flottille, Lorient (Commander. Completed five war patrols 363 days. Sank 20 cargo ships 114.459 GRT, sank 1 passenger ship 8.034 GRT, sank 5 tankers 39.493 GRT and sank 1 fleet oiler 8.145 GRT. KK. Karl-Friedrich Merten was removed from the command and replaced by Oblt. Albert Lauzemis)19/01/1943-28/02/1943 Flottillenchef in Vertretung 26.U-Flottille, Pillau (Temporary Flotilla Commander)

    01/03/1943-09/05/1944 Flottillenchef 24.U-Flottille, Memel (Flotilla Commander)

    10/05/1944-19/06/1944 zur Verf?gung F.d.U. Mitte, Kiel (At disposal)

    20/06/1944-10/03/1945 Flottillenchef 24.U-Flottille, Memel (Flotilla Commander)

    11/03/1945-23/04/1945 zur Verf?gung Marine Oberkommando Ost (At disposal)

    24/04/1945-08/05/1945 Bataillonskommandeur 2.Marine-Infanterie-Division (Battalion Commander. Not begun)

    ? 25-06-1945 Detained after capitulation by U.S 318 Infantery Regiment in Biessenhofen-Bayern. Freed in 29-06-1945

    ? 02-05-1993 Died in Waldshut / Tiengen


    Cheers, Fernando

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    Hello Fernando,

    many thanks for your reply and the wonderful


    Where do you get all these informations?

    Best regards



    As you know on the subject only has two excellent works (Die Deutsche Kriegsmarine 1939-1945 by Walter Lohmann and Hans Hildebrand and German U-Boat Commanders by Rainer Busch and Hans-Joachim R?ll) and them I use are both, however I try to complement with more information from other books (about 150), informations from internet friends, internet sites and with some personal files or official fies

    Cheers, Fernando

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