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    Wound Medal


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    I just got this Wound Medal for two wounds. The stripe seems to have some gray tint to it. I have the 2,3 & 4 wound ribbons. You can see the difference. I have two questions.

    1. What is the Austrian name for this medal?

    2. is the medallion the same for 2,3 & 4 wounds?

    :beer: Doc

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    Guest Rick Research

    Actually those are 1, 2, and 3 wounds. The LITTLE red stripe indicates the number of wounds, not the wide greeny-gray. A ribbon without any narrow red stripe at all was given for sick/invalid not by enemy action.

    PS what have you got on your scanner glass--- yuck! :speechless1:


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    the original name for this medal is: "Verwundetenmedaille"; the class indicated with the differently "striped" ribbon is "...f?r einmalige Verwundung", then "Zweimalige", "Dreimalige" and "Viermalige".

    These medals were struck in "Kriegsmetall" or Zinc, but the medal that Riley posted seems the rarer version in silvered Bronze or Silver. Just check the medal's rim and look for one of the usual Austrian marks like "BRONZE"; "SILBER" or "UNECHT".

    Best wishes,


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    • 6 years later...

    The zinc versions also appear to be marked on the rim, 'W&A', in the few I've seen.

    That is a maker's mark for "Winter & Adler" Not all zinc versions have a marked rim; many have no maker's mark at all.

    I also believe there are other maker's marks other than "W&A"...

    I believe most have the engraver's name under the neck "R. PLACHT"... Although some do not. I do not know if there are other engraver names.

    My Verwundetenmedaille ... Marked "W&A" on the rim... Engraver "R. PLACHT"

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