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    Dear forum members!

    I am looking for some information about Kapitanleutnant and Pour-le-Merite-Winner Kurt Hartwig (1887 - 1972). During First World War he was the Commander of U 16, U 32 and U 63.

    Does anyone have a complete list of his awards and decorations?

    Any info about his assignments and promotions will be very useful.



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    Hi Igor,

    born 1887, died 1972.

    At the outbreak of the war "Starshi Leitenant" aboard SMS Dresden, as Kapit?nleutnant he commanded U 63, went in retirement as characterized Korvettenkapit?n.

    Awards as I know are the plm, Hohenzollern House Order knight with swords, U-boat-badge and the Freikorps Loewenfeld cross.

    Best regards


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    Many thanks for your answer, Daniel!

    Did you know when Hartwig was promoted to Fahnrich zur See, Leutnant zur See, Oberleutnant zur See, Kapitanleutnant and Korvettenkapitan?

    When he entered the Navy and retired?

    Got he any austrian or turkian decorations?



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