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    The Berlin Wall in Budapest

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    Not too far from where I live in Budapest are two sections of the Berlin Wall. Next to the two sections of wall is a trabi that has what appears to be newspaper acticals printed on it plus a Maltese ross on the front of the hood. The sections of wall are on the grounds of the Hungarian Maltese Association Headquarters, and while visible from the street, one can not actually get right up to them. There is no plaque explaining why this display is situated where it is. However, just a short way up the street is a church with a plaque by their front door thanking the German Maltese association for coming to Hungary to help set up the Hungarian Maltese Association so I assume there is some link between the two. There is a piece of paper giving a description of the wall encased in a plastic cover between the two sections of the wall. It is in Hungarian and I will attach a translation. If you find any factual errors please remember that I am only translating what was written in the original Hungarian version.



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    The description of the wall and the translation.

    The Berlin Wall Description

    1. The reinforced concrete wall on the western side: 162 km

    2. Vehicle trench: 92 km

    3. Control strip: 165 km

    4. Footprint lane: 172 km

    5. Lighted lane: 177 km

    6. Watchtowers: 302

    7. Tank traps/barrier: 19 km

    8. Barbwire fence: 148 km

    9. Wall on the eastern side

    More than 5000 people succeeded in getting across the walls.

    Escape attempts

    -more than 3200 individuals were detained, and sentenced to prison terms

    -more than 570 were wounded

    -more then 1000 people were killed

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    This is quite interesting to know that there are huge segments of the Berlin Wall virtually everywhere in the world!

    I think if they were to bring it all together and reassemble it, they would have more than they started with :cheeky:

    Kevin in Deva :D

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