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    7 place Nepalese medal bar

    Laurence Strong

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    I would like some thoughts on this set.

    Hallo Larry :cheers:

    Ed, will probably know more than I about this bar, but the last medal is for U.N.I.F.I.L. Service in South Lebanon,

    which is quite plausable as NEPBATT served there from circa 1978 - onwards.

    Is a larger picture possible??

    Kevin in Deva (ex-UNIFIL Member). :beer:

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    Nepali medals are issued unnamed.


    This removes most of the fun. They are, in fact, obtained from local military tailors ("cap houses") by simply taking in your old medals and swapping them for a new group with more recent medals added in (for a modest upgrade fee). Your old medals are then recycled to the next customer who needs them.


    The major shops in Kathmandu that deal with these have almost any group you care to think of already made up and in stock. The usual price is N Rs. 30 (around US $0.48) per medal. It is my understanding that these go on eBay rather higher than that?

    This group:

    1- King Birendra Coronation Medal, 1972

    2- King Gyanendra Coronation Medal, 2002

    3- Paradesa Seva Padak / Foreign Service Medal

    4- Sainik Dirgha Seva Patta / Military Long Service Medal

    5- Sainik Seva Padak / Military Service Medal

    6- South Asia Regional Council Service Medal

    7- UN, UNIFIL (as Kevin said)

    Other than the first medal, everything is very very common.

    Edited by Ed_Haynes
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