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    Case V44


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    Here is a V44 survival / fighting knife. These were originaly included in Jungle

    bail out kits attached to parachute harnesses. They also became popular as

    fighting knives. They were made by several companies. This one is by Case.

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    • 6 years later...

    Greg - I take it that this is an original and for American Forces ? What value would this have on today's market ?

    Blackthorn - welcome to GMIC. Are knives one of your collecting interests - we are always pleased to hear about

    collections. When I look through some of the catalogues on the internet and the selling sites such as the South

    African Bid or Buy , I am always quite shocked at the sheer number of dangerous knives and daggers being sold as

    collectors' items. Probably a good reason for the high murder rate in this Country............ Mervyn

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    Hi Mervyn

    Sorry about the delay in my response , Yes Knives are a particular area I am interested in I have one in my collection that was carried by a lancers officer that was badly wounded in a skirmish at Wittes Drift during the Boer war. Do you know anything of this exchange or was it to small to have been documented . As for the Case It just doesn't seem right it looks quite contemporary unless it has some thing to support its inferred age claim. and as for the mention of a high murder rate in your country that's probably more down to Kitchen knives or cheap imports than collectors knives.


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    The knife shown in 2007 by Greg is indeed probably made by the Case Cutlery Company of Bradford, Colorado and was a second variation in that the Collins made V-44 had a black moulded synthetic grip; Collins Company was situated in Hartford, Connectict.. Another manufacturer of this knife was, Western Cutlery of Boulder Colorado.

    I seem to recall that Case is still making these, (or at least was several years ago), to the exact specifications as those made during the Second World War, which would account for the "new" look of the piece presented in the post.

    Canada's weapon of choice for use in crimes has statistically been the knife, though sadly were are starting to see an increase in crimes involving firearms. I say that this is sad because the use of a blade seldom causes collatoral damage.



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