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    Masonic items


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    Hello gents,

    well I have a less intellectual question perhaps, but I'm always curious and want to learn more about military items/decorations therefore I couldn't resist asking the question.

    what are masonic items? I see it quite a lot here and on eBay, but still can't make a specific definition for it.

    it looks like items from a few century's ago, then again sometimes not, some have quite some decorative parts, others not, so what makes an item masonic?

    I've looked here but can't find a definition.

    Who can explain what a masonic item is?

    thank you.

    kind regards,


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    Hi Roeland

    Thanks for your question and for straying from your usual areas.

    Masonic items are those that originate from or relate to Freemasonry (I think the Dutch word is 'Vrimetselarij'), which is a fraternal organisation that exists in almost every country in the world (notable exceptions being Communist and some Islamic states). The main focus of its membership, I suppose is in the United Kingdom, North America and Europe, although the former British Empire and Commonwealth countries (e.g. Australia and India) also have a fair number of Freemasons. A group of Freemasons meet together as a Lodge and they are organised by the Grand Lodge of that country, although organisation at a regional level does occur.

    The medals (we call them 'jewels') are awarded mainly for service to the Lodge, charitable contributions, celebrations (e.g. centenary of the Lodge) and to indicate rank in the organisation. Quite commonly they will have a square and compass on them, which is the most common symbol of Freemasonry. Jewels and medals have been worn by Freemasons for nearly 300 years.

    I hope that helps, but please come back if you would like further information,


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    Hello Richard,

    thank you for your answer, it sure is a great help, I finally know what it is, and it sounds very interesting.

    I might go collect some masonic jewels, but I recon I should first have a good look around on what to look for.

    For example I think this looks interesting, but is there more to it then just as I read that it is for an assistant?

    is it special/does it have a story, or from a certain freemasonry group, what would be good prices for such items etc.?


    As I try to state with this example, I have no idea what would be good items and what not to buy, perhaps I should learn more about the history of freemasonry instead of just start buying on eBay, just like what I do now, collecting medals, you can't just start buying, not knowing what it is.

    kind regards,


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