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    Hallo Mates64 :cheers:

    Welcome to the forum,

    please use the "add reply" button on your original thread, instead of opening a new thread everytime you post, its much easier and saves bandwidth, rather than starting a new thread with a reply,

    Kevin in Deva, (Lounge Host) :beer:

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    just my opinion but the blade looks bad because the motto rises to the right. the eichorn logo looks odd to me. the wood grip looks like it doesnt fit well with the lower cross guard fitting or the top fitting. just my opinion.

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    I tend to agree,something does not seem right.Look at the dot on the "i" on the motto of the blade. When it looks like a triangle instead of a kind of line it means that the blade (and probably the rest) is a repro,also i believe this was acquired somewere in Europe.

    thanks for the input


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