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    Capitaine Xavier de Cacqueray-Valmenier

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    Hello readers:

    Only recently was it brought to my attention that an officer under whose orders this writer served while on service with the 2.Groupement Amphibie of the 1. R.E.C. (1.Regiment Etranger de Cavalerie) during 1952-1953 and in 1954, died in action on 28.September 1958 . Capitaine Xavier de Cacqueray-Valmenier was in command of 3.Escadron 4.Regiment des Chasseurs when he died during a night operation in the Constantine region of Algeria. His close family has provided several officers to the French Foreign Legion as described by a nephew of his from whom this information has come. A brother of Xavier de Cacqueray lost a leg in Dien Bien Phu , another served with the paratroopers while another member of the family served in the 2.R.E.I..

    This post is meant to memorize a fearless officer, who set an example to the men he commanded , was willing to learn in the field when first assigned to serve with troops and was always fair minded in his dealing with subordinates.

    During his career which ended at the age of thirty years he had become an Officer of the Legion of Honor, was five times cited and wounded three times .

    His former regiment in 1992 honored him by naming a regimental facility after him.

    Here is a link for any reader who would like to see a picture of him and read about him :


    Thanks to all readers who spent time to read this,

    Bernhard H. Holst

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    • 1 year later...

    Hello readers:

    Because tomorrow, the 28th of September is the 50th anniversary of the death in action in Algeria of this brave officer I am once more placing this post. It is meant to commemorate his death in the service of his country and to again make note of his personal bravery and also of his fairness towards those subordinated to him. This writer has served under him in some proximity, being company radio operator and then 1st Lt. de Cacqueray the executive officer of 5.Cie.Portee, 2 GA / 1er REC. Remaining calm and steady under some trying circumstances perhaps make him still so present in my memory.

    It should also be of note that the later Captain de Cacqueray earned his first Croix de Guerre for his actions as a 16 year old in the French Resistance, the first of a total of five citations. this certainly made him stand out while attending Officers School.

    For any one interested in some more information concerning this outstanding officer please read my original post from last year above

    I thank anyone reading this post.

    Bernhard H. Holst

    ex. matricule 80921

    formerly Brigadier Chef, 1er REC,

    Sergent, RE

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    Hello readers.

    Once again it is the anniversary of the death of Capitaine Xavier de Cacqueray-Valmenier on 28.September 1958 in Algeria. This posting is made to perhaps acquaint some additional readers with this distinguished officer who died in the service of France. The family de Cacqueray-Valmenier has a long history of military service which in the words of one of his surviving brothers goes back at least to the time of Louis XIV.

    The recent naming of a class of the French Army Officers Academy St.Cyr after this officer is certainly a very high honor for him and his entire family. As mentioned before this writer served under his orders in Vietnam in 1952 - 1953 and again in the closing months of the French phase of the Indochina War in 1954 in the ranks of the 1. Regiment Etranger de Cavalerie.

    For anyone interested in learning more though in French, see:

    http://promotioncnedecacqueray.fr/ and

    http://www.sourdeac.fr (clicking on the picture of Capitaine de Cacqueray in the uniform of St.Cyr, the only one shown).

    Bernhard H. Holst formerly Brigadier-Chef 1.REC and Sergeant 1.RE

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