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A Hungarian Sports Medal/levente

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I believe this is a levente Sports medal from the Horthy era. One sees Gold versions of these (and they are beautiful and expensive). The levente were the quasi-fascist, military sports association of Hungary-sort of a young mens sports and reserve militia association from what I can make out.

If anyone can tell me who and what the back says, i'd be grateful.

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Basic way to understand the Levente is to view it as a similar organization as the Hitler Youth - Boy Scouts with a little more miltiary training. The idea was for older boys to enter into the Levente and from there they would be acustomed to military life, drill, physical exercise and military tactics. The Boy Scouts were active in Hungary before, during and shortly after the war - but they were more of 'camp life' in nature. Front is roughly translted 'Everyones Struggle [in the] Hand of the Hungarian' From the reverse it reads 'King Matyas National Sports Competition January 1943' (the abreiviation below it is a sport code - but I dont know what it is?)

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