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    I bought a box of misc. militaria at an auction over the weekend and found these in the bottom of the pile. I?m sure I?ve seen these ID?d as fake police tags or the like, but thought they would be worth a run by persons with better knowledge of German stuff than me (that?s pretty much everybody).

    1. has a dark finish over copper.

    2. is a non-magnetic white metal and

    3. is a brassy color with an applied coat of arms for PFORZHEIM, the same name as on the reverse.

    I am curious about the last item. It?s marked STADTPOLIZEI / SCHWARZENBACH / A.D. SAALE .There is a nice color enameled coat of arms in the center, and the metal isn?t silver (also non-magnetic), but has developed a nice patina. There is even a substantial pin on the back. It seems like someone went to a lot of effort if this is a fake. Any comment would be appreciated.

    I tried a forum search, but couldn't find a match. If these are the usual fakes, perhaps someone could move them into the fake section for reference.


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    Item 1 appears to be a repro casting of a State Kripo Dienstmarke. Originals had the hole at the opposite end and featured a raised line above which the issue number was stamped.

    Item 2 appears to be a Dutch or Danish police Dienstmarke of some type. I don't know any more.

    Item 3 would be a post WWII German police Kripo identity disc for that city. I am not proficient on post war pieces so I have asked an expert friend in Germany.

    Item 4 is a post WWII badge for the police in Schwarzenbach a.d. Saale operating under the Military Government. These badges were worn both on US style police caps and on the tunic. It is a nice piece. If you don't care to keep it, I would like to buy it.

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    I appreciate the information on the tags and badge. I'm surprised any of them are real, given what I've heard about copies of these types of items. I probably will be parting with them all, but haven't thought about how or what to ask. I'll keep you in mind.



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