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    AFGHANISTAN: "Anti-Aircraft Medal"


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    The reverse is where the answers lie. I think. The medals are dated, numbered, and as at least a part of the lower legend (which I have having trouble deciphering) there is a number (indicating, perhaps, some sort of annual something?).

    Here are five:

    1337 (= 1958 CE) - 41 in center - apparently no number in legend

    1340 (= 1961 CE) - 43 in center - "3" in lower legend

    1341 (= 1962 CE) - 44 in center - "4" in lower legend

    1342 (= 1963 CE) - 45 in center - "5" in lower legend

    1345 (= 1966 CE) - 47 in center - "7" in lower legend

    I think I am reading this right?

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    These medals are sold?

    Well, I purchased them several years back. They are now in my collection. They are not for sale, though some day I may sort out duplicates when they will be listed in the appropriate sub-section of the forum.

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