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Gombo Lodoikhuu


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And his entry in the Sky Blue Bible:


page 46. No. 137.79

born 1916, died 1997

Gobi-Altai province, Sharga soum

(Decree No. 13, on 10 February 1966 ) As the chief of the collective farm in Khalium soum of Gobi-Altai province.

He was a herder until he was 20 years old. He was recruited to the military service in 1936 and served as the border guard in the east as well as in the west border. He participated in the military actions of Khalkhyn Gol and Baitag bogd. After he was discharged from the military service, he returned to his home and worked as a secretary of the soum authority for several years. Thereafter he studied in the Party college and after graduation worked as the chief of the military department in the Gobi-Altai and Uvurkhangai province administration. He worked as the deputy governor of Uvurkhangai, Khuvsgul, Gobi-Altai provinces. Since 1956 he worked in the collective farm voluntarily. He was a chief of the collective farms in Sharga, Khaliun, Taishir soums of Gobi-altai province. He was the best chief of the collective farms and amassed valuable experiences during his work in the supreme council of the agricultural collective farm association as well as a counselor of the cooperative of the collective farms of Gobi-Altai province. He was elected for two times as a member to the People?s Great Khural, was a member of the Central committee of the Party three times. He was awarded with Sukhbaatar order two times, order of Red labor banner two times, Honorary Labor medal, anniversary medals as well as numerous agricultural, youth and cultural organizations prizes.

(With a very low quality, but very interesting photo!)

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