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    I recently bought a set of medals (1914 star, British war medal, victory medal, and good conduct medal) belonging to Company Quartermaster Sergeant Herbert Henry Waldren. He served in the 15682 regiment, part of the Royal Hong Kong Garrison Artillery. Does anyone know anything about this regiment, or where I might find information on it? I found the following document in the British National Archives. Any idea what it means? Thanks for your help!


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    Guest Rick Research

    That's his serial number in the R oyal G arrison A rtillery

    Looking at this, the "OL emblem" must be (?) a Mentioned In Despatches device for his Victory Medal?

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    The X with dots indicates that the details next to it are those shown on the BWM & Victory Medals, which show the highest rank achieved during the war, with the original unit.

    The X without dots shows that the details next to it are shown on the 1914-15 Star.

    These X's & dots distinguish between different ranks, serial numbers & units shown on the different medals, so I don't really understand what they indicate on this MIC, as they show the unit attached to, rank & serial number marked by X & dots, & just the rank & serial number marked by the X rather than any change of detail - perhaps it indicates that he's no longer attached to the Royal Hong Kong Garrison Artillery but is back with the RGA?

    Here's a link to some info. on the unit:


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    You'll actually find him in two medal roll books one being the 1914/15 Star Roll and the other being the BWM & Victory Rolls hence the indication of page numbers. In the Rolls will be his actual rank at the date the Star was awarded and similar will be found in the BWM & Victory Roll.

    During the Great War the unit was actually known as the Hong Kong Singapore Battalion, R.G.A. and had consisted of 5 Company's rather than batteries up to 1913, not all of whom were based in Hong Kong. No.5 Coy for instance had origianlly been No.1 Coy, Ceylon-Mauritius Bn, R.G.A. who didn't join the Bn until April 1908 and was then designated No.5 Coy.

    In 1913 No.1 Coy was redesiganted as 1st Mountain Bty.


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    Thanks for the help!

    Just two more questions. First, can the regimental war diary mentioned in the link be accessed? If so, then how? Also, are there any other places where I can find more information on this soldier's career? Thanks again!


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