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My Uncle's Colt 455


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I took some pictures of my uncle's(my grandmothers sisters husband) Colt that he got during WWII. He died about 10 years ago. It's mine if I want it. I'm surprised its nickel plated. I know absolutely nothing about Colts.



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I think you'll find that's an after-market plating. Something someone did because shiny appealed to them.

There's no downside to owning the gun. Factory ammo may be a little hard to find but how much do you plan to shoot it anyway? If a lot, then get some brass and load your own. .455 isn't impossible to find. It's not a valuable collectible, so shoot and enjoy it as much as you want and think of your uncle when you do, and thank him for his service and for the gun.

FWIW, if it gets under your collecting skin there are a LOT of excellent Colt reference books out there.


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