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Order of Red Banner of Labor

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Thanks Christian. It's interesting to know that. Well I have a "jumbo" size Red Banner of Labor in my collection, but it is 6 digits. That's maybe why I only paid a fraction of that price.

Dear Bryan,

... AND the s/n. of that RBL T 3 / V 1 IS very low in the range :D .

My RBL T 3 / V 1 has an even much lower s/n.: 6825, but it is a re-issue award ("Victory Parade" ??? :love: ) of a RBL T 2 / V 1 screwback - lower than my RBL T 2 / V 1 with s/n. 8660.

I think, that the RBL is outstanding beautiful in design and the RBL had been a very important and prestigeous award before and during the GPW. The prices for these old RBLs have risen dramatically: You won't find a well preserved RBL T 2 for less than USD 3.000,- at the market - if there are any. The next step might be now the RBL T 3 / V 1 :unsure: .

Best regards :beer:


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