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    New Iraqi Dinar Coins

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    On January 2005, the new Iraqi Dinar Coin series in the denominations of 25, 50 and 100 were launched by Central Bank of Iraq. The new currency is one currency for the entire country of Iraq.

    The coins have been issued according to the following specifications of the Central Bank:

    The front side of the coin shows the map of Iraq with two dates Hegira, 1425 and A.d., 2004.

    The back side of the coin contains a circle that has the denomination of the coin within the circle (25, 50, 100 dinar); "Central Bank of Iraq" is written on the top of the coin, while the denomination of the coin is written on the bottom.

    Dinar denomination ; Metal ; Diameter mlm ; Weight, Gram ; Shape

    100 ; Nickel plated steel ; 22 ; 4.3 ; Circle/jagged

    50 ; Brass plated steel ; 20 ; 3.5 ; Circle/smooth

    25 ; Copper plated steel ; 17.5 ; 2.5 ; Circle/smooth

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